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            Since the establishment of Suzhou Huida Hengye, all employees of the company have been focusing on the spirit of craftsmanship, striving to reduce procurement costs and improve work efficiency for customers. Make MRO procurement easier and easier. We are a professional one-stop purchasing service provider of MRO industrial products. We always keep the business philosophy of developing together with customers, suppliers, society and employees. Always adhere to our core values, gradually influence and change more people, make continuous progress together, and strive to make new benchmark and contribution to China's MRO industry.
          Huida Hengye has professional technology development team, marketing team, customer service team and many industrial brand manufacturer partners. At present, the sales brands include ABB in Switzerland, Schneider in France, 3m in the United States, Omron / SMC in Japan, Bosch / Siemens in Germany and many other international brands. The product type involves eight categories and sufficient product inventory to ensure the spot supply of all products, order on the same day and deliver on the same day, to pursue high quality, high cost performance and bring irreplaceable value to customers.